One of the happiest moments of my life

Magical Day Trip to Sedona with Jiminy

I took my very first “long distance” scooter day trip to Prescott and wrote about it here a little while back. It was lovely and fun and I had a great time. But… I didn’t actually want to go to Prescott. I wanted to go to Sedona. I went to Prescott because the terrifying storm […]

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Dewey Humboldt makes me happy

Quick Day Trip to Prescott with Jiminy

Been in a kind of rut lately and wanted to get out of it. Also been having a whole mess of existential crises and wanted to squash those as well. I figured a solo scooter ride up into the mountains would do the trick. Left kinda early so I’d avoid the Arizona summer heat. Missed […]

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Pan Pacific Cooler

Imbibing California’s History: Pan Pacific Cooler

Here’s a question: What do California Adventure (the theme park), Xanadu (the movie), and Fish Heads (the song) all have in common? Here’s the answer: The Pan Pacific Auditorium! There it is. Ain’t it beautiful? Even if you aren’t familiar with this particular building, I’m sure you’re familiar with Streamline Moderne design in general. It […]

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Connor and the Congroni

Imbibing California’s History: The Congroni

I would like to start the third installment of Imbibing California’s History with a quote from one of the greatest movies ever made… Hammond: Condors. Condors are on the verge of extinction… Malcolm: [shaking his head] No… Hammond: If I was to create a flock of condors on this island, you wouldn’t have anything to […]

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Griffith's Gift Cocktail

Imbibing California’s History: Griffith’s Gift

What was that? You want more history with a side of booze? You got it. In this episode, I will discuss one of the biggest, greatest, most fantastical parks in the world as well as challenge your palate with a groovy herbal liqueur made by some Carthusian monks. The History… Back during the pretty horrible […]

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Salton Dog Cocktail

Imbibing California’s History: The Salton Dog

For the inaugural “Imbibing California’s History” post, I have chosen a subject that is certainly no stranger to San Magnifico… the largest body of water in California… the Salton Sea! The History… You can learn about the history of the Salton Sea from either me or Ransom Riggs. The video below was created by Mr. […]

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