Huell Howser, The Best Californian Ever

Mr. Huell Howser is no longer with us. What a bummer.

I first heard of Huell while listening to Adam Carolla. One of his regular guests, comedian Dana Gould, is known for doing a rather impressive Huell Howser impression. Carolla and Gould were not the kindest to Huell, but without hearing that show, I might not have been exposed to the best Californian ever. Here’s the clip…

I almost didn’t believe he was a real person after hearing that.

I headed over to YouTube to find out if Huell Howser truly was for real. I quickly discovered that he most definitely is real and also totally rad. Do you not believe me? Watch his music video!

You see that? That’s passion. Goofy, beautiful passion.

Yes… Huell may have been a bit… off… BUT! The man was authentic and loved life (and especially California!). He was made fun of for finding everything “amazing”, but what’s wrong with that? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. Everyone is so jaded these days… it’s refreshing to see someone so in awe of what most of us take for granted.

He really was a remarkable human being.

So yeah… go search YouTube for his name or check out the videos posted on his official YouTube channel. Even if he’s a bit off-putting for you at first… give Huell a chance. You won’t regret it.

Also… Two More Reasons Why Huell Howser Rocks!

  1. He donated all of his life’s work to Chapman University!
  2. He lived in a freaking volcano house which he also donated to Chapman University!

You are truly missed, Mr. Howser.

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