Top Ten Favorite Disneyland Resort Hangout Spots: Number Nine! Bengal Barbecue

This next spot is a great place to hangout for two reasons…

One… The location is awesome.

Two… MEAT ON A STICK. What four word phrase can compare? And not just meat on a stick… delicious meat on a stick. Also… not too expensive.

9. The Bengal Barbecue!

Bengal Barbeque in Adventureland

Leap Day filming of Modern Family at Disneyland. Taken while in line at the Bengal BBQ.

Oh, how I love hanging out in Adventureland with some yummy skewered meat. There isn’t much room reserved for enjoying your food, but there is some. It can get crowded and slightly unpleasant at times, but usually it’s just a nice little area to eat some yum yums and watch your fellow tourists stroll through Adventureland.

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