Top Ten Favorite Disneyland Resort Hangout Spots: Number Six! Mark Twain Riverboat

If there was one Disneyland attraction that I would love to experience every single time I visit the park, it would have to be this one…

6. The Mark Twain Riverboat!

Adam on the Mark Twain in 2003

It’s me! On the Mark Twain!

Every single time I leave Disneyland without riding on the Mark Twain, I’m pretty bummed. It’s just so dang relaxing and lovely and fun and magical and basically the best thing ever.

Sitting on the Floor of the Mark Twain

Just sitting on the deck of the Mark Twain… fantastic!

As for just hanging out… the Mark Twain is perfect. Even if you aren’t quick enough to get a chair, you can still plop your butt down on the ground and enjoy the ride.

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