The Most Beautiful Coffee Table Ever Made

Yo dawg, I heard you like California…

Do you like the state of California? Well… not the state itself… the shape of the state.

Yeah? You do? Me too!

You know who else loves that beautiful shape? Mr. J. Rusten.

Want proof? Look what he made!

J Rusten California Series Coffee Table

Truly a work of art… the J. Rusten California Series coffee table…

‘Tis a thing of beauty.

J. Rusten Furniture Studio is proud to announce the debut of a new series of California desks and tables. Carefully cut into the iconic shape of California, each piece is crafted from native, salvaged Claro walnut, and features formed steel legs.

Now… I’m not usually one to freak out over furniture, but this thing is freaking me out. I NEED IT. Unfortunately… I will not be getting it. The price ranges from $1650 to $2950. So. No coffee table for me. No worries… it’s still nice to look at. And hey… I have some trees… maybe I’ll just cut one down and make my own! It wouldn’t be as pretty, but it would be free.

California Series Coffee Table Edge Detail

One word: SWOON

Also… Jared Rusten doesn’t just make tables shaped like California. Nope. His studio makes all kinds of amazing furniture out of wood! Be sure to visit the J. Rusten Furniture Studio website to view the rest of his amazing work.

Also… watch this:

The Palo Alto
Process documentary showcasing the hand crafted work of modern furniture designer and craftsman, Jared Rusten. Set to music by Vetiver. Shot on Kodachrome Super 8 film.

Have a lovely day!

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