Introducing Jiminy. My Portofino Green 2009 Vespa GTV 250.

Today, a new category is being added to San Magnifico: Vespa.

Yes, I will be blogging about my exciting adventures on my brand new (to me) 2009 Portofino Green Vespa GTV 250! His name is Jiminy, and I think he is the greatest thing ever.

Used to have a crappy Chinese scooter named Rufio, but I got tired of it breaking down every few days and being a general piece of crap. Italian > Chinese

2009 Vespa GTV 250

Say hello to Jiminy the Vespa!

Ain’t he a thing of beauty?

He makes me swoon.

Jiminy the Vespa and Paisley the Dog

Jiminy the Vespa and Paisley the Dog

There is one problem. Pretty much all of my adventures with Jiminy will take place in…


Yes… that is a problem. This is a California blog, after all.

I am okay with this for a few reasons.

One: This is my blog and I can do what I want!

Two: My scooter adventures will eventually be in California as I will be moving over there in, hopefully, a few years. California Adventure (wink wink) > Arizona Adventure

Three: There is actually some California history in Arizona. I plan on visiting as many of these locations as possible and providing you with some top notch edutainment!

Jiminy Cricket Stick on Jiminy the Vespa

Look! It’s Jiminy on Jiminy!

So there you have it.

I’m really looking forward to writing about my groovy new toy.

I hope you have a wonderful day.


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I'm just a guy who really likes California. I live in Arizona for now, but will be moving over there as soon as possible. Also. I love you. Smile!

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